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I was born in a Christian and stable family, in the village where I grew up. I came to Mombasa after high school and worked in a church as a nursery school helper in the Likoni slums. And this is where I experienced and saw reality of the pains of unstable families in the children I worked with. When I was 23 years old, the mother of three children from my Sunday school died of Aids and they were sent out of the rented houses they used to live in with their mother. Due to the fear of Aids nobody was ready to have them in their house. The girl shared this as a prayer request in class and later talked to me. I had to practice what I taught! I became a foster mother and my call now was clear.

I am a pastorís wife and a mother of five children. I hold certificate in accounts as this was what I really wanted to do. And then I went to discipleship school with Youth with a Mission. While serving in church my heart left more the office and found that in the community it was where I belonged. I trained besides my husband and got a diploma in Theology and then I did Diploma in Christian Ministries with specialty in Community Development.

I have worked with different Children Ministries since 1992 from being a nursery school child caretaker, then as a volunteer in a Childrenís home. In 1995 I was in Street Children Ministries, where we used to go daily to the streets with a simple lunch we prepared and we ministered to the children.

In 1999 I went to train in Theological College together with my husband. We worked with children in the community, holding rallies and other activities for three years. In 2005 I helped to pioneer the Childrenís home Happy Rock Center, where I stayed as a parent in the compound for two years. I am still working here with the children, as we again venture unto this other Divine call and project inside the Slums of Likoni.

I have lived in Likoni for about 23 years now. The cry of children is very loud you canít ignore it. Struggling women are very obvious, you canít ignore them. My heart and desire is to give the children a more stable life to be able to change the life in Likoni. That they can experience a full life with food, shelter, clothes, health and education like other children in the world. That the mothers can also see their children grow to change Likoni. Tele Family Foundation is for this mission. And this is my heartbeat.